Seek wouldn't exist without these people. There are dozens more behind the scenes, but these people/organizations pulled together to make Seek what it is today.

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Jon Cheney - CEO/Founder

Jon has always had a passion for adventure. His preferred method of transport is a whitewater kayak, but he'll settle for a mountain bike or a pair of skis as well. Jon loves to build things, and knows that the team with which he is surrounded makes all the difference in whether or not those things get built. Providing value and extreme customer service to all who interact with him and Seek is paramount. Jon's passion for adventure, entrepreneurship, and not following the rules are all key components behind the design and leadership of Seek.


Mike Snow - COO/Founder

Serial entrepreneur and international business development guru, Mike Snow makes sure the processes behind Seek are all functioning smoothly. He always believes there is a better way, and he never settles for the first option. You know those millions of Seek chests out there? Mike leads the team that is constantly creating new Seek adventures.


Chris white - CTO/Founder

Not only can Chris walk circles around just about anyone on iOS, but he has a sharp mind for figuring out how to get things done the right way. He is able to take a vision and make it a reality. Without Chris, Seek would still just be drawings on a whiteboard.



Tucked against Y Mountain in Provo, UT, Izeni is one of the best development firms in the country. Specializing in highly available and highly scalable systems, Izeni can bring your dream to life. Izeni has been crucial to building the backend that runs Seek behind the scenes.


Nathaniel Drew

Founder of the Salt Lake Pops Orchestra and composer extraordinaire, Nathaniel knocked it out of the park with the Seek theme and music. They say that music makes the movie, and we know it also makes the game. All sound effects were also done by Nathaniel. He has worked on countless films, commercials, and productions as primary composer as well as conductor at major events. Click below to learn more about Nathaniel and his work. Download the Seek soundtrack here.